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Momo Arashima Breaks the Mirror of the Sun

Labyrinth Road, February 27, 2023

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In the next book in the thrilling fantasy series filled with gods and monsters of Shinto mythology, a twelve-year-old girl must steal an ancient relic, work with new friends and learn to control her own dangerous power to defeat a new threat.

After vanquishing a demon king, saving her mom, and reconnecting with her friend Danny, Momo ought to be living the life she’s always wanted. But lately, Danny has been ditching her to hang out with mean-girl Ryleigh—and groups of kids have begun vanishing without a trace. Then a whole backyard full of cool kids at Ryleigh’s exclusive birthday party becomes the latest to disappear, leaving Momo, Ryleigh, Danny, boy band superstar Jin, and Momo’s old friend Niko the fox to fight a dangerous new enemy from Shinto legend.

This time they are up against Tamamo-no-mae—beautiful, bloodthirsty, and manipulative, she’s the ultimate mean girl of the Kami-verse. To defeat her, Momo must travel to the Sky Kingdom and steal the legendary Mirror of the Sun. But if she’s going to survive monster ambushes, escape giant snakes, and pull off the heist of the millennium, Momo will have to find a way to work with her team (even Ryleigh), and grapple with the growing power that connects her with her storm god grandfather, Susano’o’, and her greatest foe—Izanami the Destroyer.

And then I heard another voice—one I hadn’t heard in weeks: Stop fighting your power, you foolish, foolish girl.

My blood ran cold. All around me, everything froze. It was like time had stopped—just like at the Island of Mysteries. This was why Mom hadn’t wanted me to leave the house: my connection to Izanami the Destroyer, Queen of Death. She was physically trapped in Yomi, the land of the dead, but she had enough power to reach me in my dreams and thoughts.

“Go away,” I whispered.

Izanami laughed softly. Dont worry, child. Im not here to collect you. Im only here to help.