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Social Media Madness, in which I tweet a graphic and it goes viral, sort of

So last night, I tweeted this really cool graphic that I saw on someone’s facebook post on my feed. And one person retweeted it almost right away: my friend Sharon Levin. Within a couple of hours, a few more people had retweeted it, and I was like, “Cool!”

This morning, I found that it had been retweeted thirty times. Then forty. Then I took my boys on a walk, and when I opened my Twitter account two hours later, my Notifications said, “@somebody and 350 others retweeted your tweet!”

Nuh-uh. I checked the tweet itself.

Yup. 370 rewteets and climbing.

Twenty-four hours after I first tweeted that image, it’s been retweeted 1,430 times. Ridiculous. I found a couple of possible tipping point people, people who have popular blogs and large followings, but I’m just guessing. Wouldn’t it be cool to see when and where something like a tweet takes off? 

And then I felt awful about not having credited the person who made it. I never thought anyone would do more than like it. Luckily, the image has the creator’s email on it, so my bases are covered. In case you want to use it, be sure to ask Janine at

The sad side effect is that all I wanted to do today was check to see how many more retweets I got, which kind of got in the way of the rest of my day. So. No Twitter for me tomorrow. Promise.

Posted on Monday, 9 May 2016

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